Hail Secrecy

Day 1- 1/ 29/11
Thieves, Drunks, and Strange orcs

Today started with the creation of characters Sir Alphen Sylus, controlled by Jack and his halfling friend, controlled by Matt. After these two hours, we started to play. First, the two adventurers found themselves at Oceanwatch, a port city in Competum. At the scene of two guards arguing over something, they decided to investigate. The PC’s were told that a group of thieves and murderers have been making periodic attacks on the city. As the players investigate, they see a man in black hooded leather armor attacking a trio of guards. The Players observe as both guards are slaughtered in the street, and only then did they attack him. Alphen threw a javelin at him and his halfling friend shot his crossbow. The thief then feigned unconsciousness, which was detected by Alphen, allowing all of them to attack at the same time. The thief slashed at Alphen, wounding him 3 dmg, but the players then subdued him to the point where he ran away bloodied and limping. Two missed ranged attacks allow the thief to hide outside the city, and he was not seen by the players opposing spot check. Upon return to the city, the players see two Orcish men looking for a “renegade” Orcish woman who must be tried for treason. The players head to the inn to hear for rumours or gossip potentially about this woman. The players attempt to stop a barfight, failing, and taking 2 points from an improvised weapon in the form of a broken bottle. They ask the innkeeper for clues and get none. The players head upstairs to try to decipher this mystery. They ask a drunken man in front of a fireplace upstairs if he knows anything, and he replies in slurred speech that he needs some beer in order to get any information. The players attempt then to intimidate him into giving the answer, which worked until the halfling tried to intimidate and got a right hook to the head, knocking him unconscious. Alphen then buys the man a drink for 5 cp, only to have the man fall unconscious after a night of drinks. Alphen then buys a room for the night where the halfling and Alphen could sleep for the night. In the morning, they meet the drunken man once more, who recalls needing to give information for something or another. After requesting another drink in exchange for the information, Alphen politely points out that he already gave him a drink. The drunkard afterwards details that he has known many Orcish women and simply could not count every one. Upon prodding for further information, it is revealed that she has been staying in the room next door. The players listen at the door to hear her snoring, and then Mr. Halfling moves silently into the room and searches her dresser. He finds a cookbook, a letter from a friend, and 3 cp. He reads the letter and leaves everyone else be, as his character would not steal anything of value. The letter seemed like a friendly letter from a man named Aric. After awakening the Orc, she goes into a short-lived rage from being woken up and then asks what the PC’s could possibly want. They then ask who Aric is. She then responds by saying that they clearly have been snooping through her stuff because “Aric” is a pseudonym, the man’s real name being something probably far different. The PC’s then say that two Orcish guards were looking for her and were offering a reward for her capture. She then sends the PC’s to kill them, where the session ends for the day……..


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